About us

here are many things you can do there:

  • We invite every guest to tour the walls, the halls of knights, dressing rooms full of authentic clothes, dining halls, and more! For the bravest, there are dungeons open to inspection, and for the art connoisseurs, our art gallery.
  • Every once in a while, the Mongolian warriors return from their eternal slumber in an attempt to retake the castle! You may join us and spectate as our brave knights, archers, and mages fight them back. The children may also join in and aid the defenders in battle, while under protection of a magic spell!
  • You can learn various medieval dances from our excellent teachers, or simply watch and see how the people of the bygone age would dance.
  • If you have the spirit of a warrior, you might want to spectate duels and skirmishes amongst knights instead and even join them!
  • There is also room for craftsmanship in the castle. The masters of their respective crafts may be willing to share their secrets and let you use their tools.
  • The young visitors will also find many ways to enjoy their tour: a medieval playground, archery training, or wooden horse jousting.
  •  For those who enjoy acting, we will happily lend you costumes from the era and help you construct a play of your choice! (For example freeing a princess, coronation, witch trial, or anything you would like)
  • We also gladly organise medieval social games.
  • From time to time, a ball takes place and you are welcome to join in! If you do not have your own costume, you can rent one from us.
  • Stara Baśń is the perfect place for LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing) as well, so feel free to contact us about that!
  • We have medieval souvenirs and books, so that you can take a memory of the castle with you.
  • We have special halls for our guests: the grand hall (250 people) and other chambers (20, 30, 80 people).
  • The fort is located in Grybów, close to Nowy Sącz, on the way to Krynica, between Pogórze Rożnowskie and Beskid Niski. It was built with utmost attention to details and commitment to making it truly a dreamlike experience.


Within the walls of The Olden Tale we host knightly tournaments and archery competitions, battle enactments, medieval fashion and craft shows, concerts and many others. For information about upcoming events and the ticket ability, please visit our domain and Facebook page.


Plenty of amenities await: several-meter long replica of defense walls along with a bascule bridge, two full-size guard towers, knightly courtyard and the “Olden Forge” – the castle’s heart. Each aforementioned object is filled with a wide range of exhibits closely tied to the Middle Ages. Pricing: Children under 3 enter for free, others – 10 pln.

Photo sessions

We allow the use of the object for the purposes of hosting photo shoots and filming. The interiors, as well as the exterior, are perfect for capturing unique and precious moments, such as weddings or historically-themed sessions.


We host a wide range of meetings, individually tailored to the client’s needs and expectations. We offer services in areas such as weddings, baptizing, communions, birthdays, parties or business meetings.

For kids

We offer a varied range of activities for organized groups: archery, wall-climbing, spear-throwing, historic reenactments (knighting, crowning, etc.). It is also possible to rent bonfires and the castle’s hearths.