About us

The fort’s reconstruction, founded back in 13th century by Bolko the Wrathful of the Brońscy, is a place where the past meets the present, while tradition and the thorough upkeep of the medieval architecture go hand in hand with the comfort of the modern times. This place has a most unique atmosphere of medieval castles and manors. The buildings, as well as their interiors, have been refurbished with utmost attention to details and using genuine materials such as stone, wood, or brick. The Olden Tale is separated from prying eyes by mighty walls and a palisade. It provides the guests with a sense of peace and quiet, allowing them to get immersed in the marvelous experience of the fort.

The Olden Tale is located along the old Hungarian wine trail and the past of its lands is rich with history of Mongolian armies’ raids. The myriad of its legends, mixed with actual historical events, only magnifies the mysterious and captivating ambience surrounding the place.

Visiting the fort allows you to journey back in time to experience the atmosphere of medieval Poland through inspecting its rich architecture enhanced by details like the texture of mossy stones or the smell of old wooden planks. At the same time, it provides all the necessary infrastructure for hosting business meetings, trainings, cultural events or banquets. We provide accommodation, dining facilities and amenities.

The Olden Tale is a prestigious and exceptional place, while still being comfortable and homely. It will surely sate the expectations of even the most demanding guests and leave them with fond memories of their stay there.