About us

Have you ever dreamt of, at least once in your lifetime, becoming a part of an enchanting world of a fairytale? A world full of wonders and legends long-forgotten, yours to uncover!

If you wish to experience this marvelous world, we invite you to visit “Stara Baśń” (“The Olden Tale”) – the restored medieval fort that was built by and once belonged to Bolko the Wrathful, where – according to the legend – the armies of Kar Nogaj (a great-grandson of Genghis-Khan)  were obliterated during the third Mongolian expansion into Europe.

The walls and chambers are not all, though. What is important is the spirit of the place (which you can sometimes stumble upon in the dungeons!), making it a truly unique experience.

There, you can wander through the real 4-meter high walls connected to 2 towers, from which you can see the areas around the castle. The charm of the interiors and the buildings is magnified by the usage of genuine and accurate materials – stone, old wood and forged iron. The atmosphere is complemented by skillfully chosen pieces of furniture and appliances that perfectly fit the era. You may also, if you wish, try the food and drink made in accordance to medieval recipes or not only learn, but also partake in the life of the townsfolk or the knights.